Knockaround Premiums Polarized Sunglasses


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Knockaround is the original affordable sunglasses, offering classically styled shades in a wide range of colors. 


Premiums – Glossy Black and Tortoise Shell Fade / Amber POLARIZED, Premiums – Frosted Mint (Rubberized) / Aqua POLARIZED, Premiums – Blues on the Water POLARIZED, Premiums – Black/Green Moonshine Polarized, Premiums – Frosted Grey/Green Moonshine Polarized, Premiums – Black/Moonshine Polarized, Premiums – Star Spangled POLARIZED, Premiums – Frosted Rose Quartz Fade / Rose POLARIZED, Premiums – Frosted Grey/Red Sunset Polarized, Premiums – Matte Black on Black / POLARIZED Smoke, Premiums – Black Ocean Geode / POLARIZED Smoke, Premiums – Dusk on the Water POLARIZED, Premiums – Black/Sunset Polarized, Premiums – Pool Blue / Sunset POLARIZED, Premiums – Wild Thing POLARIZED, Premiums – Sacred Sands POLARIZED


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