Monday Motorbikes Anza 500W


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The Anza motorbike’s frame borrows its shape from our GEN7 motorbike, except it is made of aluminum alloy instead of steel to make it lighter-weight and resistant to rust. The Anza motorbike features a distinctive, ergonomically-designed handlebar that is somewhat like a cross between a brat-style bar and a cruiser bar in that it low-rise and the ends have a slight slope towards the rider, for a riding position that is sporty yet comfortable at the same time. The ANZA motorbikes are driven by one of the most reliable internally geared brushless DC hub motors capable of outputting up to 750 W nominal power. The Anza’s seat is 23” long, so it’s perfect for riding two-up.

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Midnight Black, Storm Trooper White, Hunter Green


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